18 października 2010

Supra's Demo

Yakuza had make a little presentation of my beta Supra, coming soon new version.

17 października 2010

Toyota Supra ver. 2

Hi again, here is tuned version of my Supra. I want to edit more things in interior like taches with lights, engine, some paintjob and wheels...I can't find nice wheels for tuned Supra so I don't change BBS RM. May you got ine idea for me? Also I edited:
* full bodykit (do luck front bumper, trd rear bumper and sideskirts)
* HKS intercooler
* seats
* rollcage
* SPARCO steering wheels

Enjoy new pictures:

Toyota Supra

Hi! Today I decide to show you my new Toyota Supra in stock body kit.
Toyota Supra is most exciting car on the world, because cars from 1995 were looking like box and Toyota done car wchich is looking 2000+. If u remember I don't finish Lexus and I won't because when I added some small things and then my GTA SA is crashed...so I started new one. Ok, what i did:
* new wheels - BBS RM with new brakedisc
* new hood
* added stcok supra's spoiler because this model hasn't
* stock bodykit because the old was tuned (front bumper, rear bumper and sideskirts)
* polish plates of my city - PWA 0000 (like on BMW)
* exhaust
* new seats SPARCO with safetybelt
* MOMO steering wheels

Enjoy the pics:

26 września 2010

Lexus IS300

Hello! I'm still working in ZM, this time I started Lexus IS300. Hmmm, it's don't finished yet because I reinstalled Windows - some bugs with DirectX and viruses but nevermind. What i change now:
* wheels - Enkei Evo 5
* full bodykit
* rollcage
* SPARCO seats with NISMO safety belt
* MOMO steering wheel
* plate
* rear lights - LED

Enjoy pictures:

In the future (while I get a time to ZM) I will change each other things like engine, exhaust or car audio. Peace!

07 września 2010

Nissan Onevia

Hi again, I decide to show you how looks Kamilio's Onevia after my modification between 240SX fixing. I had a lot of problems with this car because i change everything I think and some textures was broken. The second problem was wheels because i won't find the special one for Nissan. But today before school i told with KassiK and he gave me permission to use wheels from his Vertex S13. In my opinion it's bestest compilation ever. Ok, what i change:
* rear lights for sleeping style
* body (240SX front bumper, S13 rear bumper and wings)
* interior (I put a new interior in HQ, Sparco steering wheel, handbrake, seats, manual shifter)
* engine (here is a little lady, BR20DET with intercooler)
* exhaust tip
* Work wheels
* each others

06 września 2010

Some pics of Nissan 240SX progress

Hi after holidays, unfortunately.... This time I'm proud to show you my new Nissan 240SX. Of course it's not finished yet, i'm still working on it on the small things. First time i don't know what to say so check the photos and comment my work. What I edit:
* front lights
* rear lights
* interior
* engine
* new wheels
* Key's! steering wheel
* front bumper
* Sparco seats with Nismo safety belt
* license plate - japanese one
* deleted small things
* roof
* handbrake

I want to fix some bugs of it and put a other things like manual shifter, some car audio and each other.

27 lipca 2010

Nissan Skyline R30 V.3

Hello again. Anyone in SAMP knows what is Nissan Skyline R30. Car legend, first of all started modding it Beto, which make fantastic work with this car. In stock it has 2 colors and stupid layers on body, Beto had cleaned this car and it was the best modification for GTA ever. Anyone on 0.1b want to drive Beto's R30 at Sakina or other Japanese Map, but this is only past. Right now I decided to finish my own R30, my the best R30. It's third version publicated, but I did 6 - 7 R30 each other version. Anyway I love this car (it's n1 in my favourite cars ranking) and I promise that I will update it. So, what I change:
* New rims - BBS RS
* New engine - SR20DET
* New front and rear lights, in front i puted ring lights from BMW M3 E36 by Ikey and in rear i puted diod lights created by ClubTH
A lot of changes in interior: added clock with fan and hand wheels with buttons from Evo VIII, new gauges and taches, rollcage, Sparco seats, Sparco stering wheel, new manual shifter, marisa and backward mirror from RPS
* Custom colors in TransFender
* Deleted texture on grill
* New Japanese plates created by me